Banking Awareness Study material- Important point about SBI and SBI Associate

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Here In this article we are representing the valuable information banking awareness study material 2015. So those students are going to participate in IBPS, SBI, Clerk and PO exam must read this article. Here you can gain your knowledge about Banking awareness, Banking Terminology, all about bank and financial system, important point about SBI, PNB, Canara Bank, and other basic knowledge.

All about bank – State bank of India and Associate Bank:


State bank of India and Associate bank – Important point always remember:

  1. State bank of India (SBI) is largest Indian bank and financial institution company in our country.
  2. Headquarter of State bank of India – Mumbai
  3. State bank of India (SBI) is state Owned bank
  4. SBI Founded -1st July 1959

                                                 History of State bank Of India:

  1. In earlier, Bank of Bengal was set up in 1806 in Kolkata. Bank of Bengal was first Presidency bank of India.
  2. Bank of Bombay in 1840 and bank of Madras these two presidency banks was established during British raj.
  3. These Presidency banks were private shareholder’s bank.
  4. British company was also contributed to the share capital of each of them.
  5. After then Presidency banks were received the exclusive right to issue paper currency in 1861 with the paper Currency act.
  6. After in 1920, these banks were replaced into the Imperial bank of India (IBI) which was established in 27 January 1921.
  7. After according to the parliament act, State bank of India Act 1955 Imperial bank of India was obtained by the central bank of India.
  8. After then Central bank of India (RBI) was replaced Imperial Bank of India as State bank of India, State bank of India act was passed in 1959.

                                           Name of the state bank of India and Associate bank:

  1. State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur (SBBJ)
  2. State Bank of Patiala (SBP)
  3. State bank of Mysore (SBM)
  4. State bank of Travancore (SBT)
  5. State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH)

                                                     Important point about State bank of India:

Important Fact about SBI Check here:

  • State bank of India is shortly known as SBI.
  • Established -1955
  • Headquarter –Mumbai
  • Current Chairman – Arundhati Bhattacharya
  • State bank of Bikaner and Jaipur were merged to form with SBBJ in 1963.
  • Total number of SBI associate bank – five
  • Total number of Foreign office -137 in 32 countries
  • State bank of India (SBI) has 43,515 ATM’s and include associate bank ATMS has 51, 491.
  • SBI has 15, 869 branches in all over India
  • Arunshati Bhattacharya is became the first lady to appointed as Chairperson of State bank of India.
  • State bank of India (SBI) has opened 15000th Branch at Sooraman (Tamil Nadu)
  • State Bank of India has become first bank to open an ATM at Drass in the Jammu &Kashmir kargil region.
  • State bank of India has been become first bank to open branch in China.

                                                                          SBI Awards 

  • Best Bankers award in 2009
  • D&B Polaries (1)
  • SKOCH Corrporate Excellence
  • PC Quest
  • Edge Awards
  • Asia’s CSR Practice Awards
  • Asian BFCI Awards
  • Best Public Sector bank awards
  • Best online banking awards 2010 by IBA
  • The Best bank in cash management


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Coding and Decoding:

1.INTRODUCTION : A code is a input signal. Coding and Decoding is reasoning problem .Code has always been  used to  transmit message in  such a way  that they are not ordinary understood unless these are decoded. We can say its method of transmitting a message between receiver and the sender without a third party knowing it. Coding and Decoding is part of verbal reasoning. Coding and Decoding based on alphabets and numerals are also used to code the messages.

Coding and Decoding divided into following type:

1.Alphabet Type:

2.Numerals Type:

3.Symbol and Numerals Type:

4.Group Of Words Type:

5.Reasoning Type:

Type Number 1: Based on Alphabet

1.1 Reversal alphabets:

We can say the last letter is the coded of the first letter. It  is the easy way of the coding and major thing to be looked we looked at a coding.

Ex[1].In code language “BREAKDOWN” is written as “NWODKAERB”. How will “TRIANGLES” be written is that code language.






Explanation: you can say the order of letter has been reversed in code. The coding given above , TRIANGLES will be coded as SELGNAIRT.

Ex[2].In Code Language “INACTIVE” is coded as “VITCANIE”. How will “COMPUTER” be in that Language?




(d).None of these


Explanation: Eight letter there in word. In the given Language fourth and the eighth letters from have been left intact

You can see 1st letter exchange position with the 7th letter and the 2nd letter exchange with the 6th and so on.

1.2 coding and decoding based on opposite letter:

Ex[3]. In certain language COMBINE is written as XLNYRMY in the give option represent FLOWER in that language?




(d) None of these

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Answer (b)

Explanation The word is COMBINE is coded word XLNYRMV.SO logic is X is opposite letter of C , L is opposite of O. N is opposite Of M and so on. So the FLOWER will be coded as UOLDVI.

Ex[4].In certain code language , “SECONDARY” is written  as “QFBPNCBQZ,. Which of the following represent “WONDERFUL” in that Language?




(d)None of these

Answer (b)

Explanation :    S          E       C        O       N        D          A         R        Y

                           -1       +1      -1      +1       +0       -1        +1       -1       +1

                            Q         F        B       P         N        C          B         Q       Z

Similarly Apply this logic in Word “WONDERFUL” You will  get “VPMEEQGTM”

1.3 Coding and decoding based on Jumbling of letter:

EX[5]. In certain code language “TEMPORARY” is coded as ‘YMEROPRAI. How will DESIGNATE be written is that code language?




(d)None of these


Explanation:        T         E         M       P       O         R        A       R          Y

                               1          2        3        4        5         6        7         8         9

                               Y           M      E        R         O        P       R         A          T

                               9             3      2         6        5         4        8       7            1

 You can apply similar logic in word DESIGNATE you will get  word ESENGITAD

1.4 Coding and Decoding additional alphabet:

Ex[4] In Certain language DELHI is written as CEDFKMGIHJ. Which of the following written KOLKATA in that Code?




(d)None of these


Explanation: We can see that there are five letters in the word DELHI and it is written in ten letter. So we can say two letter has been used for every one letter in the word DELHI. So we can easily observed that for the letter D two letter C And E has been used. And Letter for E the two letter used D and F. You can conclude that preceding and succeeding letter have been code each letter.