IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 18 February 2015-Tips And Tricks

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Hello Friends, now here we are going to talk about IBPS Clerk Interview Experience Feb 2015. Many students shared IBPS Clerk Interview experience with Bankers herald team. So now we are giving some ibps clerk interview tips and tricks. Many students worry about how to prepare Interview for all of competitive exam. Many Students cleared written exam but In interview they failed. So here we are providing some tips and trick how to crack ibps clerk interview. So we advised to all of aspirant who is preparing for any government exam must check Interview tips and tricks.


Name of Student-Sam Paul

Interview Location –IOB Chennai

Interview Timing-1:00 Pm

Total Number of panel-4(Include 3 male and 1 female)

After finished document verification, I entered in Interview hall with permission

M1- Asked about my past work Experience

Me- Told

And after given tamil newspaper and aid read

M1- Tell me about Plastic Money?


M2- Asked about Smart card?

Me- Told

M2- What is RBI and Function?


M3- What is SHG?

Me- Told

M1- What is Inflation?

Me- Explained

M3- How to Control Inflation?


F1- What is your strength and Weakness?

Me – Answered with full confident

M1- Name of the four ministers?

Me- Answered

F1- Name of the Cabinet minister of TN?


M4- Name of the neighboring country?

Me- told

F1- Name of Former RBI Governor?

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Me- Told

And one panel said you can go

Overall IBPS Clerk Interview experience was good

Thank you Bankers Herald Team

Ibps clerk interview II experience 18 feb 2015:

Name of candidate-Duraiarasan Vidyadaran

Interview venue –Trichy IOB RO

Timing-1:00 pm

Total panel-5(4 Male and 1 female)

I entered to Interview room at 4:50 pm

M1-Asked me why you join bank after engineering?

Me- Answered

M1- asked me about my father work and family background?

Me- Told

M1- What is full form of RBI and its function?

Me- Answered

And asked one technical question form M1 Side

What is EMF?

M2- No question asked?

M3- name of the your native city?


M4- What is NPA. Explained?

Me- Explained

F1- Who is Chief Minister of Himachal?

Me- Told

M1- About my attempt in IBPS Clerk 4 and expected score card?

Me- answered

And everyone wishes to all the best

Overall IBPS Clerk Interview experience was good

We advised to all of bankers herald reader Please share your IBPS CLERK Interview Experience with bankers herald team.



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IBPS Clerk interview Experience 16 and 17 February 2015-Download tips and trick

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Hello Bankers herald reader, today here we are giving some tips and tricks crack IBPS Clerk interview and other Interview. We are provide IBPS Clerk Interview experience 16 and 17 February 2015.Ass you now that many question asked in IBPS Clerk interview like body language,Introduce yourself, family back ground and banking sector question. So here we are discuss about the entire question asked in IBPS Clerk Interview. Now here we are sharing some IBPS Clerk Interview experience held on 16 and 17 Feb 2015.


Name of the Student-Hari Haran

Interview Location –IOB RO Salem


Interview timing-8:30 am

Panel number- 2

Total Number of Panel – 4 Include as you know same as other Ibps clerk Interview ( # male and One female)

After finished document verification one person give white blank paper and say write any topics in your regional language

When I enterd in room with permission

They asked take seat

Me- thank u Sir

M1- Introduce yourself?

Me- Explained

M1 – What is your hobby, strength, weakness and other I didn’t remember?

M1- You read newspaper today. And he asked about today’s most attractive headline

M1- Asked about, Explain GDP in Own words.

M1- Suddenly changed the topics, Ased about why joined banking, why not joining core field?

Me- Replied all of thing

Now turn M2-You are saying you can easily interact with anyone m did you explain?

Me- Explained

M2- How you are saying that inflation change by crude oil prices?? Tell me about with example

Me- Explained

M2-How to recover NPA?

M3- Now asked about type of NPA?

Me- Explained

M3- Tell me about banking ombudsmen?

Me- Explained

F1- Asked me difference between knowledge and skills?

Me- explained

F1- Asked about smart work?

Me- explained

She Smiled

And said you can go

No newspaper

Asked me take a chocolate

Overall interview was good

Thank You bankers herald team


Name of student-Sredher

Interview location –IOB RO Salem

Interview timing- 1:00 pm

Date of Interview-17-02-2015

Total number of panel – 5 (4 Men and 1 Woman)

I entered in room with permission

Take a seat

M1-Panel first asked me about my name and family back ground about my father occupation

Me- Told

M1- What you prepared for Interview and are you confident?

Me- Explained and yes sir

M2- asked about pledge, Mortage hypo with example?


M3- Asked about saving account and current account?

Me- Told with confident

F1-what is the name of proof open saving account?

Technical-Asked me about fiber cable and controller name?

And finally read tamil newspaper, I read two line then asked me to stop

Finally take chocolate and you can go

Only 3-4 minute interview



IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience 14 and 15 feb 2015 state wise – Tips and tricks Interview

Hello Friends, how are you. Many students are cleared written exam of IBPS Clerk 4 held on December and January month 2015. And now worry about IBPS Clerk Interview like how to handle Interviewer question, how to introduce yourself, and which type of banking question asked in IBPS Clerk interview and how to tackle interview. Don’t worry friends, today here we are giving important tips and trick to tackle ibps clerk interview. IBPS Clerk interview is going on these days. So here we are providing some IBPS Clerk interview tips and tricks given by students.

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 14 and 15 feb 2015 state wise - Tips and tricks Interview


Name of the student: Vicky patre

Interview location: Maharashtra,  BOM Nagpur

Interview timing: 1:30 Pm

State- Maharashtra

Finished my ibps clerk 4 interview yesterday

My number in IBPS clerk Interview row is 17

My interview was started around 5:30 pm

There are five panels in Interview room (M1, M2, M3, M4 and M5)

Me- May I Come in Sir

M3- yes come in

Me- I greeted to everyone

M3- introduces yourself ?

Me- Replied

M2- what was name of your engineering college?

Me- Replied

M3-what was the history your college?


M4- Why you want job in banking sector you have good marks in engineering, how can you join as a clerk post?

Me- Told

M5- Did you apply for IBPS Specialist officer?

Me- replied

M2-   what is your father occupation?

Me- Replied

M5- What is the team work?

Me- Replied

M4- One question asked about strong bank and weak bank?

Me- Told ( but not confirm )

M3- Read newspaper daily

That’s it thanks


Name of the student-Pallavi Kuchewar

Interview venue – Maharashtra, Nagpur

Interview timing-1 pm

Panel -6

IBPS CLERK Interview experience was very nice

After finished document verification, told me write any topic in your regional language like mala marthai lithiha vachta ani bolta etc

My number was second in panel

Me- After entered in room, wish everyone to greeted

They replied as same and said take a seat

M2- appka name batna madam

Me- replied

M1-madam tumhii wardhechaya ter amahala kahi sanga wardhebaddal, me suru karner (M2) ye appki city ke bare m puch rhe h enko ache se explain karo

Me- replied

M1: ha ye to aapne bilkul sahi batya pr 1 aur important place aap bhul rahi ho


M1: mam wo important place h hindu vishvaa vidalya  jo sirf aur sirf wardha me he h

M2- Mam aap to martahi ho phir bhi etne achi hidi kesi bol lete ho, muje pta nhi tha Nagpur wale bhe etne achi hindi bolte h


M3- you can answer in marthi, hindi, english as your choice?

M1: what was the reason left previous job and father occupation

M2- what is the bank, in your word explain

Me- answered

M1- rrb ki kyun jarurat padi

Me- explained

M3- question related capital market, finance market, breakeven point?

Me- answered in marthi

M1: Tell me about jan dhan yoyjna

Me- answered

Female panel was silent in interview time

IBPS Clerk Interview experience 15 feb 2015:

Name of the student-Nikhili

Interview location –Maharashtra, Nagpur

Time-8:30 am

Total number of panel-5

This is my second bank interview experience

Hey friend today here I was shared my ibps clerk interview experience

After finished SBI exam, I reached interview location at 8:30am, after finished document verification , my number was second panel.

Knocked the interview room with permission , there was total 5 panel ( one female and rest all of male panel in the room)

M1- So Nikhil tell me about educational qualification

Me- told

M1- Why change your field?

Me- replied

M2-Why did you change option pharma for your graduation?

Me- just smile

M2- What is NABARAD?

Me- Explained

M1- Question related to payment bank?

Me- told

M3- tell me about recession in banking sector?

Me- answered

M4- Reason behind that of recent recession?

Me- Answered

M2-Why Indian bank recently unaffected from recession?

Me- no idea

M3- One question why don’t refer for bank PO?

Me- Explained

M2- Nobel peace prize question

Me- answered

And last question related to my family and place where I from?

Every panel member different role play in interview room like one interviewer soft and other strict

OK My interview experience was awesome, Best of luck future bankers

IBPS Clerk Interview Questions and tips and tricks download pdf







IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience 12 and 13 February 2015 state wise|Interview tips And tricks

IBPS Clerk 4 Interview Experience 2015: 

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Hello friends, as you know that IBPS Clerk IV Interview is going on procedure. Many students are given IBPS Clerk 4 Interview in February month 2015.and many students are worry about your IBPS Clerk Interview. So here our team is share IBPS Clerk interview Experience given by IBPS Aspirant. So we advised to all of aspirant who is giving IBPS Clerk Interview in next date. So here we are sharing IBPS Clerk Interview experience in different state.

IBPS CLerk Interview Experience 12 th january 2015 Tamil Nadu:

Name of the Student- R. Sundara Moorthi

Date of Interview-12th Feb 2015

Location Of interview-Maduari-IOB _Regional office

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 12th January 2015:

Hello friends, how are you. Today here I am sharing my ibps clerk interview experience. I am from Tamilnadu. When I reached in venue of the Interview, One person give me blank white sheet and asid write any topic in Tamil language. After start document verification.

My Interview was stared 1:30 pm

So here I am talking about some question asked in Interview room.

IBPS Clerk Interview question asked on 12 February 2015:

  1. About Father and Mother Occupation?
  2. How to prepare for IBPS Clerk Interview?
  3. Tell me basic about RBI
  4. If RBI has increased reserve percentage. What are the effect on bank and public?
  • Some question asked about CRR, SLR, Repo Rate, Reserve Ratio etc
  • Tell me about Insurance and how to help in banking sector
  • Some problem facing on my photo ID, Signature, and IBPS Clerk Application form 2014

That’s all thank you

IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 12th February 2015:

Hello friends today here we are discussing about IBPS Clerk Interview Experience 12 February 2015.

Name of the student-Kavviya

Educational qualification-B.E (ECE)


Venue of the Interview-IOB Regional Office, Chennai

Date of Interview-12th Feb 2015

Interview Time -8:30 am

Total Number of Panel-V

Hello Friends, how are you, my name is Kavviya. And now here I am sharing my IBPS Clerk Interview Experience held on 12th Feb 2015. This is my first Interview experience. I reached the Interview venue around 7:30 am, after some one person give me blank white paper. We were asked to me write any topic in Tamil language.

My Interview started around 10 am

Total number of panel is 4

1 female (F1)

3 male (M1, M2, M3)

Some question asked in Interview section:

M2- OH!! She has completed Electronics?

Me-In my mind reaction (Oh my god they are question asked related to electronics field and why join bank after btech)

M3- Is there any Specs which you are wearing is power glass?

Me- yes sir

M3- Question Related to Focal Length?


F1-Do you know that the recent privatization of airports. Can you tell me name airport name?


M1-you are well in hindi and French. How to write tamil language?


M3-can you tell me about union budget 2014?


M3-Tell me about GDP?

Me- answered

M2: Tell me about silent observer asked nabard?


M3-Vande matrem wrote by?


Interview completed successfully

IBPS Clerk IV Interview Experience 10 and 11 February 2015 state wise| Interview Tips And Tricks|Check Online



Hello bankers herald reader, as you know that ibps clerk 4 Interview is going on in various states. Many students are cleared written exam of ibps clerk held on December and January month 2015. So here we are discussing about IBPS Clerk Interview experience 10th and 11 February 2015.So we suggest to all of aspirant who is preparation for bank exam must see IBPS Clerk Interview experience.

Hello friends today I shared my IBPS Clerk Interview experience 2015.

My name is Nishanat Gauarav

Venue-Executive home, Akshaya Tower Patna

IBPS Clerk Interview time-8:30 am

I reached the location of Interview. Start my document verification. Finish the document verification. One person came and gives blank paper and told to write 10 line topic in Hindi. After document  my interview was strated on 10:15 am .

I entered the Interview room. Firstly I greeted to the entire panel member. And I take a seat.

Total Number of Panel: 5(4 Male member and 1 female member)

So here I am sharing some question asked to me in Interview.

M1-First question tell me about your education qualification, percentage and year of competition?

M2- Why choose banking sector after u have completed b.tech

M2- Explain Rupay Debit card is different from ATM Card?

F1- What is DBTL Scheme?

F1-DBTL Scheme is limited to LPG Subsidy only or it can be extended some other thing also

F1- Which agency is making adhar card. Total number of digit in Adhar Card

M2- Name of the input Device?

M2- Difference between mouce and track ball?

M2- Device name input as well as output?

M2- Name of the some output device?

M4- What is your father profession?

M4- Explain Bank Account. What is type of bank account in used in bank.

M4- Explain NRO Account?

M4- Explain Saving and current account are also called demand deposit?

M1- What is current account deficit?

M1- What is Fiscal Deficit?

M1- Explain GDP? Highest GDP Country ad which country have highest GDP ratio?

M2- All the best for your future god bless you

 Stressfully Interview

IBPS Clerk IV interview experience 9 feb 2015 state wise-{Check Online}

Hello today here we are discussing about Interview experience of future bankers. As you know that many students are selected in written exam of IBPS clerk 4 and participated in an interview. Here we are going to talking about interview experience of IBPS Clerk 4 selected student in various states.


Now here we are sharing Interview experience of Sonali

Interview timing- 9th February 2015

Interview Venue-Andhra Bank Zonal Office visaKhapatnam

Interview timing-8.30 am

They beginning of calling in 9.10 am. After I was entered the interview room one men checking my document.

 List of Document Verification:

  • Application form Of Interview
  • Interview call letter and passport size photo size mention in notification form
  • Mark sheet of 10th class and date of birth
  • Degree verification
  • Identify Proof (Voter card, Adhar Card)
  • Cast certificate

After finished verification one men gave me white letter and told us write any topic but only regional language.

My turn came around at 11:15 am one person called to me. I entered inside with permission. The 4 Male Men and 1 female person are there in room.

M1-   Tell me about yourself?

Me- I started in English on one male person said to me you can use your local language

M1-Why choose banking sector after engineering?

Me- Explain

M1: use of engineering in banking?

Me- Explain but he was not satisfied

M1: next question asked do you have any bank account. Explain transaction?

Me-Explain online internet, mobile

M2: tell me how to handle rural person if he come bank in without any document?

Me- explain

M2: Rural person did not bring any document how will you open account?

Me- Explain (I will ask my senior officer about that problem)

Then all members are laughed I think we satisfied with my answer

M3: About Family Back ground?

Me- explain

M3: Why this bank your priority?

Me- Explain

M3: Are you comport to relocate anywhere?

Me- yes sir

F1: gave me local newspaper and she told me read full article

Me- I read full article without any error

M1: If you get job and you will get marry and your husband works on abroad then you left the job or continue job?

Me- I will apply for overseas branch

M1: if there are no overseas branch then what you will do?


M2: will you left the job or continue job?


After then M1 asked to me you can go

I left the room with smile

Interview experience of 10th feb 2015:


Hello bankers herald today we are sharing interview experience of Pawan:

Name- Pawan

Venue of the interview: Hotel Vaibhav, Varanasi

Time of the Interview- 1 PM

Today I shared my IBPS clerk 4 Interview experience.

When  I reached at the destination 12 pm with my father.

There are total 6 Panel. Every person divided in group. Three groups are there.

After start document verification. My name is 10th in row

Interview document verification:

Interview application form

Call letter of interview

10th Class mark sheet and date of birth

Identity Proof

Caste Certificate

After finished my document verification. no error in my document

I take my seat outside panel room. After ring belled and I entered in the room.

Interview start

I opened the door of panel room with request

Total Number of panel:

4 Male – M1, M2, M3, M4

1 Female- F1

After I greeted to all. Good evening sir and good evening mam

F1- Appka Name kya h (Because my name include with my father)

Me- told

M4- itni sare document laye ho file dekhe to tumari document m kya h?

Me-Lo sir

M3- graduation kis subject se complete kiya aapne?

Me-B.sc bio technology

M3-To phir to aapne anatomy bhi padhi hogi?

Me- nhi sir ye subject nhi tha

M3- Konse subject thee biotech m?

Me-Sit total 3 subject the zoology, chemistry, biotech

M3- To phir aapne mamals padhe honge?


M4-to phir ek question batwa asia m konsa mamal h jo ache deta h ande nhi?


M4- Are bhai sabhi mamal bache dete h ?


F1- ye bio tech to 4 sal ka courseh na

Me-nhi mam ye 4 sal ka h

b.tech bio tech 4 sal ka hota h

M4- Or kya padhe ho esme batwa hme bhi

Me-esme crop work hota h sir

M3- Crop?

Me-Sir krishi

M3- Matalab ye krihi field m attah ye

Me- nhi sir thoda bahut part hota h

M3-Full form of BT?

Me-Basillus thurangensis

M2- ye india ke technology to nhi phir kha se aaya?

Me-sir etna nhi pta eske bare m

M3- heheheheh


M3- Ye America ke technology h

Me- thanku Sir

M4- Ye Ambeba kya h eske bare m batwa thoda?

Me-Sir ye koshikiye jeev h

M5- ye Ande deta h ya bache thoda batna eske bare m ?

Me-nhi sir ye n to ande deta h n bache ye sirf coagulate karta h

F1- Coagualation kese jra batna hme?

Me-Mam , coagulation ke bad fertilize hota aur ye ek se do hote  h

F- Oh good

M4-Aapne 10th and 12th ghar se etene dur se kesi ki?

Me-Sir mere father bank m employee h to unka transfer ho gya 2000 m to 6th se 12th  wahi se ki

M4- Ha hme bhi kuch asa he lag rha tha ok konse post pe?

Me-sir clerk

M4- to phir promotion nhi hua kya ?

Me- hua tha tabhi to transfer hua sir

M4- Acha family ke bare m batwa ?

Me-Ek bada bhai jo medical m study karta h aur do sister h. sabhi aaram se sun rhe the

M4- to phir aap bio tech ko chhodkar bank m kyun jana jate ho?


M4- Banking he kyun?

Me-Kyuki banking m fast growth hoti h aur promotion bhi jadli hota h. aur future m opptiutionries bhi achi h banking sector m

M2- Hmm

M4- agar job kahin pr bhi milge to karuge job?

Me- bilkul sir job karne h to kahin pr bhi kr lunga

M4- papa ne promotion nhi liya aap bhi nhi loge kya

Me-Sir wo father ki soch the unhone bahut jagh travel kiya esliye nhi liya

F1- Hmm

M1- ok thanku pawan

Me-Jb m khada hua tab

M4- ye file kitne ki le

Me- sir 200 rs ki h

M4- ye file interview ke liye khardi thi kya ?

Me- yes sir

M3- Ase he chale aate file ki kya jarurat the

Me- sir esme mere sare document h aur ek sath safe pade h

M4-Ye jo aapne dress pahne rakhi h kisne suggest ki thi

Me- sir papa ne suggest ki hi

M4- good

Ok ab ja sakte ho aap

Me smile and say have nice to all