Science General Knowledge for SSC, UPSC and IAS exam

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Again back with new update regarding general knowledge, as you know there are many topics cover in General knowledge section such as general science gk, Sports GK, Geographical fact about India, National and international organization, important books and author, Important abbreviation, important sobriquets, important fact about world and India and other topics. Today we are going to discuss about General Science GK includes many topics like various important branches of Science, Important units and measurement, Medical discoveries, Important scientific inventions, Scientific instrument, Important vaccines, important point about human body and vitamins , and various diseases.

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Important Branches of Science:

Name of Science Its related to
Acoustics Sound and sound waves
Aeronautics Activities of flying 
Agronomy Production of crops and soil management
Anatomy Dissertational learning of animal and human body
Anthropology Origin, culture and physical development of man 
Archaeology Study of material remains of past as proofs
Astronautics Space vehicles and traveling in space 
 Astronomy Planets
Biology Science of living organism
Botany Plants
Cardiology Heart and related diseases
Ceramics Manufacturing  of clay objects
Cetology Aquatic mammals, especially the whales
Cosmology Universe
Cryogenics Studying effects of low temperature
Cytology Structure and function of cells
Dactylogy Study of fingerprints
Dermatology Skin
Dietetics Diet and nutrition
Ecology Organisms and environment relationship
Entomology Insects
Endocrinology Endocrine glands
Etymology Origin and History
Genetics Heredity and its laws
Geology Earth’s structure (Chemical and physical)
Gerontology Ageing process, problems and diseases
Gynecology Female diseases of reproductive system
Heamatology Blood and related disorders
Histology Tissues
Immunology Body’s immune system
Morphology External structure of living organisms
Mycology Fungi and fungal diseases
Nephrology Kidney
Obstetrics Pregnancy, child birth and their follow up 
Ornithology Birds
Orthopedics Human skeletal system
Osteology Study of bones
Paediatrics Child diseases
Paleontology Fossils and ancient life-forms 
Pathology Mechanisms and manifestation of diseases
Pharmacology Drugs and their effect on the body
Physiology Life processes of various organs of living begins
Psychiatry Mental disorders
Semiology Sign language and signs
Seismology Earthquakes
Theology Religions
Toxicology Toxic substance and poisons
Zoology Animal life
Zymology Fermentation process

Important Units with measurement:

Name of units Used to measure
Ampere Electric current
Angstrom Wavelength of light
Bar Atmospheric pressure
Calorie Quantity of heat
Candela Luminous intensity
Celsius Temperature
Coulomb Electric charge
Decibel Sound level
Dyne Force
Erg Work
Fahrenheit Temperature
Fathom Depth of Water
Faraday Electric charge
Gauss Magnetic induction
Henry Inductance
Hertz Frequency
Horsepower Power
Joule Work of Energy
Kelvin Temperature
Light year Distance
Newton Force ( SI Unit)
Ohm Electrical resistance
Pascal Pressure
Poise Viscosity
Volt Electrical potential
Watt Power

Medical discovers:

Discovery Discovered by
Penicillin Alexander Fleming
Aspirin Felix Hoffmann
Blood circulation William Harvey
Blood group K.Landsteiner
Cholera Robert Koch
Electro cardiogram (ECG) Williem Einthoven
Heart transplant surgery Christian Barnard
Malaria germs A. Laveran
Ultrasound Ian Donald

Important Scientific Inventions:

Name of invention Name of inventor
Aero plane Wright Brothers
Bicycle K. Macmillan
Centigrade scale A.Celsius
Computer Charles Babbage
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel
Dynamite Alfred Nobel
Dynamo Michael Faraday
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison
Fountain Pen L.E. Waterman
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison
Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle
Microphone David Hughes
Microscope Z. Jansen
Radium Marie and Pierre Curie
Safety lamp Sir Humphery Davy
Safety Pin William Hurst
Sewing machine B. Thimmonnier
Shorthand (Modem) Sir Isaac pitman
Steam Engine Thomas Newcome
Telegraph code Samuel F.B. Morse
Telephone Alexander Graham bell
Telescope Hans Lippershey
Television John Logie Baird
Thermometer Galileo Galilei
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen

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Important General Awareness Expected Question for SBI Associated Clercial Exam 2015

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Hey future bankers, how are you? We hope, your upcoming exam preparation are going awesome .First of all we congratulatulate those students who are selected in written of  IBPS PO, IBPS clerk, IBPS RRB and any other government exam. And those student who appeared various written exam but still not selected .We advise to those students are not selected in various exam, forget everything  that  happened in past  go forward  and do preparation for upcoming exams .And one more thing always remember “Hardworking is the key of success” no other way to reach success  point. And don’t worry about your past because past always helps in learning something new.


Now time to focus on SBI Associated clerical exam 2015.So now we are going to talk about SBI Associated clerical  exam 2015.All of you know that SBI is totally different from  IBPS.As your knowledge SBI Associated bank is conducted every year PO and Clerical exam. Some basic facts are – State bank of India is fully multinational financial service and public sector banking company in India at Mumbai. State bank of India is largest bank and oldest bank in India. State bank of India had almost 17000 branches including 190 overseas offices. Brief history about State bank of India, State bank of India was also known as Imperial bank of India and founded in 1806.State bank of India won many award like “ASIAMONEY FX POLL OF POLLS 2014”for good overall domestic Forex Service etc. Basically State bank of India has five associated bank in India include State bank of Bikaner and jaipur(SBBJ),Sate bank of Patiala(SBP),State bank of Hyderabad(SBH),State bank of Mysore(SBM),Sate bank Of Travancore(SBT).

Many candidates will appear in SBI Associated Clerical exam you know competition will go to  a high level.Many student worry about how to prepare general awareness section asked in SBI Associated clerical exam .So today we are providing some general awareness question usually asked in SBI Associated clerical exam and any bank exam and we are also giving some tips and tricks on how to prepare general awareness section in bank exam in within one month. General Awareness topics include like Some important Fact about SBI Bank, sports News, International news, National news , Current affairs, important programs and schemes, international and national  organization head and headquarters, currency and capitals, Brief knowledge about First in India, banking awareness, Marketing knowledge, recently published books and authors, famous place in News , some important facts about banks, banking abbreviations, Important days and date and union Budget questions etc.

So our advise to all of bankers aspirant those who are prepareing for bank  exams  regularly visit this site for daily current affairs , important general Knowledge question asked in bank exam , quantitative aptitude quiz, English quiz, reasoning quiz, and any study material related to bank exams.

 Expected Sports question for SBI Associated bank clerk exam:

sports pdf

1.Which team was won Championship League  Twenty-20 on October 2014?

Answer-Chennai Super Kings Defeated by Kolkata Knight Riders

2.Which Team was won Sultan of johar Cup Under-21 Hockey title 2014?


3.Recently, Who was won world Billiards point Format Championship on October 2014?

Answer-Pankaj Advani

4.Who was won the prestigious season-ending WTA Final Title on October 2014?

Answer-Sania Mirza and Cara Black

5.Who was won WTA Finals Singles Trophy on October 2014?

Answer-Serena Williams

6.Recently, Name of the India player not accept medal at the Podium to protest the loss of Semi-final game at incheon Asian game 2014?

Answer- sartia Devi , Boxing Player

7.Recently, Which Indian Player was named as the most valuable player of India’s Incheon Asian game 2014?

Answer-MC Mary Com

8.Recently International Cricket Council  (ICC) has decided for Awarded the global broadcast agreement right for ICC world Cup Match from 2015 to 2023. Name of the broadcasting company?

Answer-Star India and Star Middle east

9.Recently, who was Indian boxer player suspended by AIBA for refused to accept medal at Asian Game on October 2014?

Answer- Sarita Devi

10.Name of the Indian cricketer who along with Australian cricketer steve Waugh has been into the  Bradmen hall of theme on October 2014?

Answer- Sachin Tendulkar

11.Recently, Who has been become the Fastest cricketer in the world to score 20 Centuries in One day International by doing in only 133 Inning ?

Answer- Virat Kohli

12.Who was won the 20th Fennesta National Tennis championship women’s single title on October 2014?

Answer-Prerna Bhambri

13.Recently, Name of the Indian Cricketer who has figured at Number 5 position in Frobes list of most valuable Athlete brand for the year 2014?

Answer- Mahendra Singh Dhoni

14.Name of the Tennis Player was won  the China open men’s Single titles on October 2014?

Answer-Maria Sharapova

15.Recently, which team was won Duleep Trophy on November 2014?

Answer-Central Zone

16.Durand Cup related to which sports?

Answer- Football

17.Recently, which team was won 3rd South Asian Football Federation Women Championship title on November 2014?


18.Recently, who was won FIDE World Chess championship title on November 2014?

Answer-Magnus Carlsen, Norway

19.Which Indian Team was won Vijay Hazare Trophy on November 2014?


20.Recently, Indian Cricketer has become record of 264 run in one day International (ODI) against Sri Lanka on November 2014.Name of the Indian Cricketer?

Answer-Rohit Sharma

21.Who was won macau open title on November 2014?

Answer- P V Sindhu

22.Recently, Sachin Tendulkar published own autobiography ____________?

Answer- Playing It My Way

23.Name of the county will be held on next Commonwealth game 2018?

Answer-Golad cast, Australia

24.Name of the football player won European Golden boot award on November 2015?

Answer-Cristiano Ronaldo

25.Who was won year’s ATP world Tour Final on November 2015 ?

Answer-NovaK Djokovic

26.World Chess Championship trophy was held on which country?

Answer-Sochi, Russia

27.Recently, Which Indian Team was won 2014 Deodhar Trophy and the final match played at wankhade stadium in Mumbai On December 2014?

Answer-East Zone

28.Recently, which country was won blind cricket world cup 2014?


29.Name of the team was won championship trophy hockey on November 2014 defeated by Pakistan team?

Answer- Germany

30.Recently, which country’s male and female teams were won 5th Kabaddi world cup on December 2014?


31.Recently, Named of the “All India Football Federation “(AIFF) Player of the year on December 2014?

Answer-Sunil Chhetri

32.Name of the oldest player has become to score century in ODI cricket on November 2014?

Answer-Khurram Khan, Captain of UAE

33.Who was won the 30th National Junior Athletics Championship on December 2014?

Answer-Kerala state team

34.Name of the mascots of the Rio Olympic and Paralympics game 2016?

Answer-Tom and Vinicius

35.Who was won his maiden London Classic title defeating British Grandmaster Admas on November 2014?

Answer-Vishwananthan Ananad

36.Recently, Sri lanka Cricketer   has become the fourth cricketer to complete 13K Run in One day International Cricket match on November 2014?

Answer-Kumar Sangrakara

37.Recently, Who was won AIFF Women Football of the year on December 2014?

Answer-Bala Devi

38.Which team was won Indian Super league 2014 defeated to Kerala Blaster on December 2014?

Answer-Atletico de Kolkata

 Some Important point related to ISL:

  • Winner Team –Atletico De Kolkata
  • Runner Up Team –Kerala Blaster
  • Golden Boot Award-Elano Blumer
  • Golden Glove Award –Jan Seda
  • Muthoot fair play award-Delhi Dynamos FC

39.Recently, Who was won ICC Cricketer of the year as well as  the ICC Cricketer of the year On Decmber 2014?

Answer- Mitchell Johnson

40.Which country team won Davis Cup 2014 on November 2014?

Answer-Switzerland team defeated France

41.Name of the tennis player was won shangai master title 2014 On November 2014?

Answer-Roger Federer

42.Recently, Name of the tennis player who was won US Open 2014 title defeated Kei Nishikori?

Answer-Marin Cilic

Some Important point Remember related to US Open 2014:

  • Women’s Single title won –Serena Williams
  • Men’s Double title won –Mike and Bob Brayan
  • Mixed Doubles winner-Sania Mirza and Bruno Soares
  • Important Point Related to Hockey world Cup 2014:
  •  Men’s hockey title Winner team -Australia
  •  Men’s hockey Runner Up team –Netherland
  • Women’s hockey tile winner team-Netherland
  • Women’s hockey title Runner up team-Australia

43.Which Country Women’s team Won Hockey World Cup 2014?


FIFA World Cup:

  • 2018-Russia
  • 2022-Qatar

Commonwealth game:

  • 2014-Glassgow
  • 2018-Goldcast, Australia

Olympics Game :

  • 2014 winter-Sochi(Russia)
  • 2016 summer-Rio de Janeiro
  • 2018 Winter-Pyeongchang (south Korea)
  • 2020 Summer-Tokyo, Japan

44.Recently, Who has become world champion in under seven category in world school chess Championship at brazil?

Answer-Dev shah

45.Recently, Which Cricketer has become selected as polly Umrigar Award 2014 on December 2014?

Answer-Bhuvneshwar kumar

46.Who was won C.K. Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award for 2014?

Answer-Dilip Vengsarkar

47.Who was named as captain of Indian Cricket for ICC World Cup 2015?

Answer-Mahendra Singh Dhoni

48.Who was won Brazilian Grand Prix 2014?

Answer-Nico Roseberg

49.Name of the Indian golfer recently won venetian Macau golf open 2014?

Answer-Anirban Lahiri

50.Recently, Name of the Indian Badminton player won Dutch open grand Prix title 2014?

Answer-Ajay Jayaram





Some Important Question Related to RBI:

List of RBI Policy:

Repo Rate 8 %
Reverse Repo Rate 7  %
CRR 4  %
SLR 22  %
MSF 9  %
Bank Rate 9  %

 51.Recently, RBI issued guidelines for setting up a trading platform for “TReDS” and bill of exchange of MSME .What is Full form of TReDS and MSME?

Answer- TReDS –The Trade Receivables discounting system

                 MSME-Micro and small Enterprises

52.What is Full form of NOF?

Answer-Net Owned Fund

53.Recently, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been signed along which country’s bank for exchange of information and Supervisory cooperation?

Answer-Central bank of Kenya

54.What will be minimum capital require for set up new bank in the private sector?


55.What will be minimum capital require for set up Non- Banking Financial Company in India?

Answer- 500cr

Some Important point related to NBFCs:

  • Full form of NBFCs is Non-banking finance Companies
  • Minimum capital require for set up NBFCs- 500 Cr
  • The Definition of NBFCs – It is company register under the Companies Act 1956 are financial intuition but its does not any banking license.
  • It is cannot accept Demand Deposit
  • It is cannot issue cheques drawn on itself
  • The deposit with NBFC is not insured

56.Recently, Reserve bank of India (RBI) how many free useage to other bank in ATM Trancation one month period?

Answer- 3

57.Recently, Reserve bank issued two new category banks in India. Name of the banks?

Answer-Small bank and Payment bank

Some important point about small bank and payment bank:

  • Minimum capital require for both bank -100cr
  • Main Idea of small and payment bank proposed by Nachiket mor committee
  • Small bank provide both deposit as well as loan product.
  • Payment bank only use for transition and deposit.

58.Recently, Reserve bank of India (RBI) issued draft guidelines for implements of which system to an ‘anytime anywhere bill payment system in India?

Answer-Bharat Bill payment system (BBPS)

Some Important question SBI Bank and SBI Latest News:

59.State bank of India was also known as the_________?

Answer- Bengal bank of India

60.State bank of India (SBI) was Instituted two new branch in Mumbai known as a _______?

Answer –State bank of Bombay and State bank of Madras

61.Name of the bank SBI three Branch Merged with single bank ______?

Answer- Imperial Bank of India

62.How many SBI Associated bank in India presently?


63.Who is the Chairman of the State bank of India?

Answer-Arundhati Bhattacharya

64.Recently, Which bank has presented with best bank award by Asiamoney FX Poll of polls 2014?

Answer- SBI

65.What is tagline of State bank of India (SBI)?

Answer-The Nations Bank on us: pure banking nothing else; with you all the way

66.How many foreign office of state bank of India (SBI) in 32 countries across the world?

Answer- 137

67.Recently, Which bank was topped in India based on tier first capital by the banker’s magazine 3014?

Answer- State bank of India

68.Recently, Which bank was launched Islamic Equity Fund in 2014?

Answer-State bank of India

69.Recently, State bank of India (SBI) has been signed 500 million dollar Line of Credit (LOC) with which country’s bank?

Answer-Export –Import bank of Korea

70.Recently, State bank of India (SBI) has celebrated 150 years of its own operation on which country?

Answer- Sri lanka

71.Recently, State bank of India (SBI) has launched application on its smartphone for its retail banking user. Name of the launched Application?

Answer- mPassbook

72.Name of the company recently SBI has ties up fashion at a big bazar to offer a co- branded credit card?

Answer-Future Group Company

SOME IMPORTANT FACT ABOUT BANK in Question answer format :

73.Which First Indian bank was providing Internet banking Service?

Answer-ICICI bank

74.Which first bank was providing Mobile ATM?

Answer- ICICI Bank

75.Which first Indian bank has maximum number of overseas branches?

Answer-Bank of Baroda

76.Name of the bank was first introducing ‘talking’ Automated teller machine (ATM) in India?

Answer- Union Bank of India

77.Name of the state opened India’s first non- bank owned white label ATMs __________?

Answer- Maharashtra

78.What is full form of NPA, SARFAESI and ARC in banking system ?

  • NPA- Non performing Asset
  • SARFAESI-Securitization and Reconstruction of financial asset and Enforcement of security interest.
  • ARC-Asset Reconstruction Company

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79.What is Full form of GST and VAT?

Answer-1.GST-Good services Tax

  1. VAT- Value Added Tax

80.What is Full form of BSBDA?

Answer-Basic Saving Bank Deposit account

SOME Important point Remember about BSBDA:

  • Any person belong to poor and weaker section of the society can be open zero bank balance account in any bank
  • In BSBDA account, free of usages minimum four transaction through ATMs
  • In BSBDA, Should not be exceed 1 lakh rupees in year
  • In BSBDA, Minimum balance in account not be exceed 50 k

81.What is full form of PIN?

Answer- Personal Identification Number

82.What is full form of IFSC?

Answer- Indian Finance system code

Some fact about IFSC:

  • Basically, it’s an alpha numeric code that uniquely defined in any bank branch when participating in National Electronics Fund Transfer system
  • Total number in IFSC is 11 the digit further divided like first 4 alpha digit representing bank name and next digit is 0 (Zero)  and the last 6 digit represent bank branch name.
  • For example: SBIN0015986

83.What is full form of MICR?

Answer- Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

Important key point related to MICR:

  • MICR Code is 9 numeric digits its use when company participated in ECS transaction scheme
  • For Example:200267233

84.What is Cheque Truncation?

Answer-It is the process of stopping the flow of physical cheque.

85.What is the Bancaassurance?

Answer-It is the process of the sale of insurance and other similar product through the bank.

86.What is the Banking Ombudsman scheme?

Answer: Banking Ombudsman is process of the resolution of complaints relating to certain service by bank.

87.What is Full form of “DICGC”?

Answer-Deposit insurance and credit Guarantee Corporation

Some fact about DICGC:

  • Key people of DICGC- R.Gandhi
  • Maximum capital limit – 1 lakh

88.Where is India’s first Credit Information company (CIC).Its established in august 2000 headquarter at_________?


89.How many language appear in RBI currency note?

Answer- 15

90.What is full form of LAF?

Answer-Liquidity adjustment facility

91.What is full form of CRR?

Answer- Cash Reserve Ratio

92.What is full form of RTGS?

Answer- Real Time Gross Settlement

  • Minimum and Maximum limit of RTGS – 2 lakh and no upper limit

93.What is NOSTRO Account defined in brief?

Answer-It is an account is maintained by an Indian in the foreign countries.

94.What is VOSTRO account?

Answer- It is an account maintained by foreign bank in India with their corresponding bank.

95.What is full form of SDR?

Answer-Special Drawing rights

96.What is full form of CRAR?

Answer-Capital to Risk weighted Ratio


CREDIT AGENCY NAME Full Form Headquarter
1.CRISIL Credit Rating Information Service of India Limited Mumbai
2.ICRA Investment Information and Credit Rating agency Gurgaon
3.CARE Credit Analysis And Research Mumbai
4.ONICRA Gurgaon
5.SMERA Mumbai
6.FITCH India Rating Agency Mumbai
9.S &P Standard & Poor’s New York ,US
10.Moody’s New york , US

97.Total number of public sector bank in India ?

Answer- 27

  • 21 nationalized bank and 6 state bank of group
  • There are 23 private banks in India.
  • There are 56 Regional Rural banks in India.


Sector Name FDI LIMIT
1.Defence 49
2.Pension 49
3.Insurance 49
4.Print Media 26
5.Civil Aviation 49
6.Public sector bank 20
7.Private sector bank 74
8.Multi Brand 51
9.Single Brand 100
10.Toursim 100


1.World Bank-Ease of doing Business 142 and Singapore top
2.World Economic Forum’s 2014 gender gap Index 114
3.Worldwide Hunger Index 55
4.Human Development Index 135
5.Global Environment Performance Index 2014 155
6.Intellectual property environment Index 2104 25
7.Global press Freedom index 2014 140
8.World’s best countries doing business 2014 134
9.Global Peace Index 2014 143
10.World innovation Index 2014 76
11.World Competitive Index 2014 71

98.Recently, Which Indian Group has sold multiplex business to south India based in the largest ever deal in Space?

Answer-Reliance group

99.Name of the Mobile Company recently banned by Delhi High court in India over patient patent issue with Ericson?


100.Recently, Which bank was launched saving account for customers of 55 years and above age?

Answer- Kotak Mahindra bank

101.Which First Indian bank to fully own an insurance business?

Anwer- Kotak Mahindra bank

102.What is full form Of KVP?

Answer- Kisan Vikas Patra

Key point about KVP:

  • In KVP, Money doubles in 100 month
  • KVP re launched by finance minister Arun Jaitely
  • KVP Will be available in denomination of Rs.1000, 5000, 10000 and 50000.
  • First time KVP Launched in 1998.
  • In KVP No PAN card required
  • NO upper limit for Investment

103.What are Full forms of BIPA and BIT in banking sector?

BIPA-Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement

BIT-Bilateral Investment Treaty

104.Which of the first Indian state to have bank account for all families under the PMGDY?


105.Recently, Andhra bank was launched saving scheme for children teenagers’ ______?

Answer-AB Little Stars

106.Which bank was awarded by the best bank award for Business Intelligence Initiatives among all small banks in India?

Answer-Karur vysya Bank

107.Which bank was launched recently “E-Mandate”Service in India?

Answer-Corporation bank

108.Recently, Which bank was launched facebook based fund transfer platform Kay Pay scheme 2014?

Answer-Kotak Mahindra Bank

109.Recently, Prime minister of India Launched  which scheme to promote financial inclusion help the poor person open account?

Answer- Pradhan mantri  jan dhan yojna (PMJDY)

Key point related to PMJDY:

  • Slogan Of PMJDY –Mera Khata Bhagya Vidata
  • HDFC Ergo general Insurance will cover accident under the PMJDY scheme.
  • Life insurance limited (LIC) will provide the life insurance covered up to 30K under the scheme.

110.Recently, which bank was launched “Called video service “to customer easily contact with bank staff for any query?

Answer- Indusland bank

Recently, which country has been joined BRICS bank in 2014?

Answer- Bangladesh

111.Name of the chief guest of India’s Republic day 2015?

Answer- US president Barack Obama

112.Where was hosted united climate change conference 2014?

Answer-Lima, Peru

113.Name of the 181st member of Multilateral Investment Guarantee agency (MIGA) in 2014?


114.Recently, which country agrees with India to construct 12 Nuclear reactor India over 20 years in 2014?


115.Recently, In the news BHEL Commissioned 28 megawatt Nyaborongo  Hydro project on which country in  2014?


115.Recently, Railway minister of India has inaugurated wifi board band service which railway station?

Answer-New Delhi

116.Which day was celebrated as a national mathematics day?

Answer-22 December Birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan

117.In the news, Which Indian Website top google search in India?


118.Name of the Email application IBM recently launched in 2014?


119.Recently, in the news the oxford dictionary named VAPE   the word used for______________________?

Answer-The act of Drawing on an electronics cigarette

120.What is the tagline of DD national recently re-launched in 2014?

Answer-Desh Ka Apna Chann

121.Name of the country has world’s largest youth population by UN Report 2014?


122.Who was appointed as brand ambassador of in 2014?

Answer- Kangna Ranawat

123.In the news , The Pygmy Hog is the rarest and smallest wild pig in the world. It was situated in which country?

Answer- India,Asam

124.Who was top in frobes list of world’s most powerful person in 2014?

Answer-   Vldimir Putin

125.Which of the following company has signed with Rajasthan government set up 5000 MW solar project in 2014?

Answer-Sun Edsion

128.Name of the five year old Indian boy to reach Everest base camp?

Answer-Harshit  saumitra

129.Recently, World health organization (WHO) has declared which country free from Ebola?

Answer- Nigeria

130.Which of the Powerful typhoon was struck in Japan?


131.Recently, founder of amazon company visited in india.Name of the founder of Amzon?

Answer- Jeff Bezos

132.Who is founder of Alibaba group?

Answer-jack Ma

133.Which year will observe as Water conservation year?

Answer- 2015-16

134.Which day was observed as Antyoya divas?

Answer-25 September

Important news related to state:

135.Which day was observed as pravasi Bhartiya Divas 2015?

Answer- 9 December

136.Recently, which country has been signed MoU with Andhra Pradesh government for development of new capital Vijyawada?

Answer- Singapore

137.Which Indian State was celebrated 2015 as tourism year?

Answer- Madhya Pradesh

138.Recently, In the news name of the India’s largest party in 2014 assembly elections of Maharashtra by winning 122 seats in 2014?

Answer- Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP)

139.Which state is fast growing state, the latest data released by the Central statics office (CSO) in 2014?

Answer- Bihar

140.Name of the state has become has first state to start olive refinery in 2014?

Answer- Rajasthan, Bikaner

141.Recently, In the News Delhi metro has been ranked 2nd among the 18 largest metro station in world. Which station has been become first?

Answer-London DLR

142.Where is INDIA FOOD PARK at located?

Answer-Karnataka, TumKur

143.Which Indian state government has been decided open Nirbhaya center in all districts in 2014?

Answer- UttarPradesh

144.Which Indian state was hosted global investor summit for attract foreign investment in 2014?

Answer -Madhya Pradesh, Indore

145.Which state has become permanent venue for the International film festival of India?

Answer- Goa

146.Recently, which state’s police station has launched e-police station to specially deal with vehicles theft in 2014?

Answer- Delhi police Station

147.Recently, which state government has been declared transgender as third gender?

Answer- Bihar

148.Which state government has celebrated 9 September as Himalayas Divas?


149.Where is India’s first “FIRST KISAN MANDI OUTSIDE “setup in 2014?

Answer-North Delhi, Alipur

150.Which first Indian state has launched health adalat in 2014?


151.Which of the committee used for review the process of law and act minister of the environment and climate change?

Answer-TSR Subramaniam

152.Name of the committee used to access compensation for coal block?

Answer-Pratyush Sinha Committee

153.Which of the committee used for provide bankruptcy code or small and medium enterprises?

Answer-T K Vishwanathan

154.Which committee used  the financial architecture  for MSME sector?

Answer-K V Kamath panel

155.Name of the committee used on capacity building in banks non-banks company?

Answer-Gopalkrishna Committee

156.Which of the committee used in the investment guidelines for National pension scheme in private sector?

Answer-G N Bajapai Committee

157.Name of the committee used to examine the un-claimed amount in PPF , and post office saving scheme?

Answer-H.R.Khan Committee

158.Who is head of the Expenditure management commission?

Answer-Bimal Jalan

159.Name of the committee used in payment and small bank?

Answer-Nachiket mor committee


To be continue ……

General Knowledge For SBI IBPS PO and clerk Exam – List of first in India Pdf Download

Hello bankers herald readers, Today we are going to add an option about first happenings in India. All of you know this topic is very important for various exam like ssc, bank, railways etc. And you can also enhance your knowledge about Indian general knowledge.So friends we have collected  information through various sources  about list of first in India.In this article many topics are covered like first men in India, first women in India, First Award and title, first exploration, first Nobel prize etc. You know general awareness part plays a very important role in competitive  exam. In bank exam almost 20 questions were asked from this part. So we are sharing general knowledge part in easy to understand way.




1.First Governor –General  of Republic  India Lord  Mount -Batten
2.First Indian Governor –General   of Republic  India C.Raja Gopalachari
3.First President of Independent India Dr.Rajendra Prasad
4.First Prime Minister  Republic India Pandit Jawahar Lal Neharu
5.The First Chief of the Indian Armed Force K.M.Carriappa
6.The First Indian Field Marshall General  S.H.F .J  Manekshaw
7.First Vice President Of Republic of india Dr.Saravapalli Radhakrishna
8.The First Non-Congress  Prime Minister of India Atal Behari Vajpaye
9.First President of Indian national congress(INC) W.C.Banrjee
10.First Man Introduce Printing Press in republic India James hicky
11.First Indian to become I.C.S Satyendra Nath Tagore
12.First Indian in space Rakesh Sharma
13.Firt Prime minister in India resigned  without  completing the Full time peroid Maroji Desai
14.First Indian was chief of the Army Staff General .Maharaja Rajendra Singh
15.First Indian President While died in Office Dr.Zakir Hussani
16.First Prime Minister Who did not face the Parliament Charn Singh
17.First Nobel Prize in Physics  India C.V.Raman
18.First Indian got Bharat ratan Dr.Radhakrishna
19.First Indian to cross English Channel  by Swimming Mihir Sen
20.First Indian to Got jnanpith Award Sri Shankar kurup
21.First Indian Speaker of the lok sabha Ganesh Vasudeva Mavalankar
22.First British Governor General of Bengal Warren Hasting
 23.First Person Awarded Raman -Magasaysay  Vinoba Bhave 
 24.First Person Chief Election Commissioner   Sukamar Sen 
 25.The First Indian Chairman in International Court  Dr.Nagendra Singh 
 26.The First Chief Justice of Supreme Court    Hiralal J.Kanyia 
 27.First Indian Posthumously Bharat Ratan   Khan Anddul Gaffar Khan 
 28.First Indian Leader of the Antractica Mission   Dr.Syed Zahuv Quasim 
 29.First Man Awarded with Bhartiya-Gyan -Peeth -Purskar   G.Shankar Kurup
 30.First Indian Successfully Surgeon Transplanted Heart    Dr.P.Venugopal
 31.First Indian President of National Human Right Commission   Rangnath Mishra
 32.First Person Given the Lecture in Hindi U.N.O  Atal behari Vajpaye 
 33.First Person won German Award   Ravi shanakr 
 34.First Person President Of Indian Science Congress   Austosh Mukhrejee 
 35.First Indian Writer Awarded Vyas Samman   Ramvilas Sharma
 36.First Indian Managing director of World Bank  Gautam Kazi
 37.First Person Chairman of Finance Commission   K.C.NIOGI
 38.First Indian player Awarded Padam Bhusan   C.K.Naidu
 39.First Indian Player Played Davis Cup  M.Salim 
 40.First Indian person became high commission in great Britain   V.K.Krishna Menon 


2.LIST OF FIRST FEMALE PERSONALITIES IN INDIA :In below we are tells about first famous female personalities in India. You know this topic is important for various competitive exam . So we advised to all of aspirant who are preparation for civil services. We are also provide list of first male person in India , and first award and title in pdf format so you can easily download on your single click .


Name of Field Name of Female Personalities 
1.First Indian Female Personality Tabla Maestro Dr.Aban Mistry
2.First Female President Of India Smt.Pratibha Patil
3.First Female Personality Prime Minister of India Smt.Indra Gandhi
4.India’s First Female Personality Airbus Pilot Durba Banrjee
5.First Female Personality secretary general of Rajya Sabha  V.S.Rama Devi
6.First Indian female Personality to Won Magasasay Award Kiren bedi
7.First female Personality Paratrooper of IAF(Indian Air Force) Nita Ghose
8.First Indian Female Personality  became chief engineer P.K.Tresia Nanguli
9.First female Foreign Minister Lakshmi N. Menon
10.First Indian female Commercial Pilot Prem Mathur
11.First female won sahtiya Award Amrita Pritam
12.First female President of Indian Science congress Dr.Ashima  Chatterjee
13.First Indian Female won WTA Tennis Title Sania Mirza
14.First Female Advocate in India Regina Guha
15.First Female Barrister in India Cornotia Sorabji
16.First Indian Woman Surgeon Dr.Prema Mukherjee
17.First Indian Female to get  Arjun Award N.Lumsden
18.First Indian Female Chairman of bank Tarzani Vakil
19.First Female chairperson of Rajya sabha Violet Alva
20.First Indian Female IAS Officer Anna Geroge
21.First lady President of Student’s  union Anju Sachadeva
22.First Indian Lady to reach Olympic games Sini Abrahim
23.First Indian Lady Doordarshan reader Pratima Puri
24.First Indian actress in the Cinema Devika Rani
25.First Indian Female Railways Minister Mamata Banrjee
26.First Indian Woman Supreme court judge M.Fathmia Beevi
27.First woman High Court judge Anna Chandy
28.First Indian Woman win Nobel Prize Mother Teresa
29.First Indian Lady speaker of the lok sabha Meria Kumar
30.First Indian lady I.P.S officer Kerin Bedi
31. First Indian woman Won gold medal in Asian game Kamalijit Sandhu
32.First Indian woman finance minister  Indira Gandhi


FIRST AWARD AND TITLES IN INDIA:Hey friends, again we are back with some most important info related to general knowledge part. As you know that general knowledge is not important only competitive exam it is important in your daily life. As my knowledge if you know about general knowledge India you gain something new our country. So today we are going to talking about First Award and title in India. Today we are providing list of titles and major award given in India. In previous article we are sharing some important info like first men personalities in India and Female personalities in India in Pdf format .We know many guys are confused in general knowledge and facing many problems like how to learn GK and any other problem, but guys now you don’t worry about GK asked in competitive exam. We are provide all of info related to general knowledge asked in various exam like bank , ssc, railways, IAS, etc . So you can easily download in Pdf format in only single click. So we advised to all of aspirant who are preparation for bank exam, ssc exam, railways exam and other government exam keep regularly visiting this site.

awards (1)


1.First Indian Lady Awarded title of  miss universe Susmita Sen
2.First Indian female Awarded  Booker Prize in 1997 book name “The god of Small thing” Arundhati Roy
3.First Indian Male Awarded title of  Mr. Universe  in  1952 Manohar Aich
4.First Lady awarded  title of miss Asia Pacific in 1970 Zeenat aman
5. First Indian awarded title of  international teen princess in 1974 Radha Bartake
6. First Indian awarded title of  Miss World Amber in 1978 Mala rai Singani
7. First Indian Male awarded title of  Mister. International  in 2000 Aryan vaid
8.First Indian Lady awarded title of  world Ms. university in 1989 Priyadarshini Pradhan
9.First Indian Woman Awarded  title of  Ms. India  worldwide in 1994 Karmmindar Kaur
10.First Indian person Awarded   manhunt International in 2001 Rajeev Singh
11.First Indian Lady crowned  Ms. Tourism World in 2002 Payal Rohatig
12.First Indian Woman Crowned  Ms. World  Tourism in 2005 Sonal Chauhan
13.First Indian Lady Crowned   Ms. Earth in 2010 Nicole Faria
14.First Indian Lady won Ms. Tourism queen of the year 2011 Urvashi Rautela
15.First Indian Lady won Ms. Teenage Worldwide in 1978 Anita Reedy
16. First Indian lady won Ms. International  Pageant in 1997 Lara dutta
17.First Indian Woman won Ms. Asia Pacific World in 2012 Himangini Singh
18.First Indian person won literary USA In 1927 Book name “Gay Neck , Story of the Pigeon Dhan Gopal Mukhrejee
19.First Indian awarded by Bharat Ratana award in 1954 RadhaKrishna , Rajgopalchari, C.V.Raman  with Different Field
20.First Indian Got Dadasaheb phlake Awrd in 1969 Devika Rani
21.First Indian  Awarded by Ashok Chakra D.K.Jatar
22.First Indian Got Magsaysay Award in 1958 Vinoba Bhave
23. First Indian person got  lenin Peace Prize also known as Stalin Peace prize in 1952 Saifuddin Kitchlew
24.First Indian person  to get  Oscar lifetime Achievement Award  Satyajit ray
25.First Indian Male person who  got  Nishan-e-Pakistan in 1990 Morarji Desai
26.Who is First Foreigner  to get  Bharat Ratan Abdul Ghaffar
27. First Indian who  received Chevalier Award  Sivaji Ganesan
28.First Indian  person who  Got “ Oscar Award” Bhanu Athaiya
29.First Indian Lady who Won Miss World Crown in  1966 Retia Faria
30. First Indian Male to get Jnapith  Titles in  Shri Shankar Kurup



Hello friends, How are you?, Today Bankersherald team are going to discussing about list of country , capital and language with mind tricks. All of you know general awareness part is very valuable role in all of competitive exam.And you know  At least 5-6 question  asked about capital , Language and currency.So we are covered most of country’s capital and language  asked in various exam like IBPS, SBI,PO and Clerk.You know General awareness part is compulsory in all of competitive exam.This Article on covered list of country, capital and Language with some important banking question asked in various exam.The Main point asked these type of question asking in exam check your knowledge around the world.Most of the candidate are feared about general awareness section in exam, yes that’s true , because no limit of  general awareness section But today we are sharing some study material in easy way , we hope all of you easily understand .So friends regularly visit this site for bank exam study material.