Science General Knowledge for SSC, UPSC and IAS exam

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Again back with new update regarding general knowledge, as you know there are many topics cover in General knowledge section such as general science gk, Sports GK, Geographical fact about India, National and international organization, important books and author, Important abbreviation, important sobriquets, important fact about world and India and other topics. Today we are going to discuss about General Science GK includes many topics like various important branches of Science, Important units and measurement, Medical discoveries, Important scientific inventions, Scientific instrument, Important vaccines, important point about human body and vitamins , and various diseases.

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Important Branches of Science:

Name of Science Its related to
Acoustics Sound and sound waves
Aeronautics Activities of flying 
Agronomy Production of crops and soil management
Anatomy Dissertational learning of animal and human body
Anthropology Origin, culture and physical development of man 
Archaeology Study of material remains of past as proofs
Astronautics Space vehicles and traveling in space 
 Astronomy Planets
Biology Science of living organism
Botany Plants
Cardiology Heart and related diseases
Ceramics Manufacturing  of clay objects
Cetology Aquatic mammals, especially the whales
Cosmology Universe
Cryogenics Studying effects of low temperature
Cytology Structure and function of cells
Dactylogy Study of fingerprints
Dermatology Skin
Dietetics Diet and nutrition
Ecology Organisms and environment relationship
Entomology Insects
Endocrinology Endocrine glands
Etymology Origin and History
Genetics Heredity and its laws
Geology Earth’s structure (Chemical and physical)
Gerontology Ageing process, problems and diseases
Gynecology Female diseases of reproductive system
Heamatology Blood and related disorders
Histology Tissues
Immunology Body’s immune system
Morphology External structure of living organisms
Mycology Fungi and fungal diseases
Nephrology Kidney
Obstetrics Pregnancy, child birth and their follow up 
Ornithology Birds
Orthopedics Human skeletal system
Osteology Study of bones
Paediatrics Child diseases
Paleontology Fossils and ancient life-forms 
Pathology Mechanisms and manifestation of diseases
Pharmacology Drugs and their effect on the body
Physiology Life processes of various organs of living begins
Psychiatry Mental disorders
Semiology Sign language and signs
Seismology Earthquakes
Theology Religions
Toxicology Toxic substance and poisons
Zoology Animal life
Zymology Fermentation process

Important Units with measurement:

Name of units Used to measure
Ampere Electric current
Angstrom Wavelength of light
Bar Atmospheric pressure
Calorie Quantity of heat
Candela Luminous intensity
Celsius Temperature
Coulomb Electric charge
Decibel Sound level
Dyne Force
Erg Work
Fahrenheit Temperature
Fathom Depth of Water
Faraday Electric charge
Gauss Magnetic induction
Henry Inductance
Hertz Frequency
Horsepower Power
Joule Work of Energy
Kelvin Temperature
Light year Distance
Newton Force ( SI Unit)
Ohm Electrical resistance
Pascal Pressure
Poise Viscosity
Volt Electrical potential
Watt Power

Medical discovers:

Discovery Discovered by
Penicillin Alexander Fleming
Aspirin Felix Hoffmann
Blood circulation William Harvey
Blood group K.Landsteiner
Cholera Robert Koch
Electro cardiogram (ECG) Williem Einthoven
Heart transplant surgery Christian Barnard
Malaria germs A. Laveran
Ultrasound Ian Donald

Important Scientific Inventions:

Name of invention Name of inventor
Aero plane Wright Brothers
Bicycle K. Macmillan
Centigrade scale A.Celsius
Computer Charles Babbage
Diesel Engine Rudolf Diesel
Dynamite Alfred Nobel
Dynamo Michael Faraday
Electric Lamp Thomas Alva Edison
Fountain Pen L.E. Waterman
Gramophone Thomas Alva Edison
Jet engine Sir Frank Whittle
Microphone David Hughes
Microscope Z. Jansen
Radium Marie and Pierre Curie
Safety lamp Sir Humphery Davy
Safety Pin William Hurst
Sewing machine B. Thimmonnier
Shorthand (Modem) Sir Isaac pitman
Steam Engine Thomas Newcome
Telegraph code Samuel F.B. Morse
Telephone Alexander Graham bell
Telescope Hans Lippershey
Television John Logie Baird
Thermometer Galileo Galilei
X-ray Wilhelm Roentgen

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