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Quantitative Aptitude solved problem for IBPS ,SBI,MBA,RRC,SSC PO And Clerk Exam-Profit and Loss Solved Problem Pdf

Hello Folks, Again we are back with some major info related to all of various exam like bank, ssc, railways, IAS, RPSC and any other government exam. Today we are going to talking about Profit and loss topic. All of you known that this topic is very simple, time consuming and score able part in quantitative aptitude section. More focus is given on profit and loss topic. Profit and loss is basically used in banking sector extensively as well as asked in banking exams. So today we are sharing some important information about profit and loss like basic concept, and basic logic used in profit and loss solved question. So we are advised to all of future bankers regularly visit this site for banking exam study material, banking awareness, for daily gk updates and recent banking vacancies.

profit and loss aptitude questions

Profit and loss:

Always remember important fact about Profit and Loss Topics: We are providing some important definition about profit and loss.

1.Cost Price:

  • Cost price is defined as an item is the expenditure incurred to bought and you can say to produce.

Short term of Cost Price is CP.

2.Selling Price:

  • Selling Price defined as an item is sold its called selling price.

Short term of selling price is SP.

3.Profit and Loss:

  • This is the difference between the selling price and cost price. The selling price is greater than cost price than called profit.
  • The cost price is greater than selling price than called loss.

4.Margin Price:

  • Basically, Margin price is used in percentage terms only. You can say this is the profit as percentage of Selling price (SP)

5.Marked price:

  • Marked price defined as the price of the item as displayed on the label.


  • Discount term defined is the reduction given on the marked price before selling it to a customer.


  • Mark –up term defined is basically increment on the cost price before being sold to a customer.

Always Remember some basic formulae used in Profit and Loss:










3.Gain %


{(Gain x100)/C.P}



4.Loss %


{(Loss x100)/S.P}


5.Cost Price: (CP)


[(100/(100+Gain)x S.P)]


6.Cost Price: C.P


[(100/(100-Gain)x S.P]

7.Selling Price: S.P [(100+Loss)/100 x S.P]
8.Selling Price: S.P [(100-Loss)/100 x S.P]
9.When a man sells two similar product one a at gain x% and other at a loss x% then a seller always gets loss given by  (common Loss and gain%/100) ^{2}=(x/10))^{2}











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