How to Crack IBPS Clerk, PO and SO Interview-Tips and Tricks download Interview question pdf

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IBPS Clerk exam Interview Question and Answer pdf/IBPS PO exam Interview Question and Answer/IBPS SO exam Interview question pdf download/bank exam interview Tips and Tricks

Interview Tips and Mostly asked Interview Questions for IBPS PO, SO and Clerk:


Institute of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) is the government organization established in 1975 for the recruitments related to banking sector for many banks in India. Every year IBPS conducts recruitments for the post of Clerk, PO, RRB-PO, and SO in various public sector banks all over India. Recruitment process for the vacancies of IBPS PO, RRB, SO and Clerk is done in two steps: You can check Seat allotment 2018 and Previous year Question Paper By this web page.

  1. Common Written Examination (CWE)
  2. Personal Interview

Candidates who qualify Common Written Examination are invited for Interviews. Interview is most important part of selection process as no one can predict what will be asked and how to reply, if he is not experienced. Here we have listed some tips and tricks to keep in mind before you appear in interviews.

  1. Practice good non-verbal communication: This is the first way to impress employers by your body language. Stand straight, make eye contact and try to show confidence. A firm handshake and a hello with full confidence can give you a great beginning to interview and a quick ending.
  2. Practice to answer: Practice answering typical interview questions most employers ask. Prepare concrete examples to show your skills. Don’t hesitate to answer what you know. Interview panel is much experienced than you so never ever try to be smart to fool them.
  3. Be on time: If you are running late at the day of your interview, no one can expect punctuality from you on job. So be on time.
  4. Dress Code: It is important to wear formal dress and to be well groomed. There is no place for style in interviews.
  5. Listen Carefully: From the very beginning of the interview, Interviewer gives you information, either directly or indirectly. Good communication skills include careful listening and letting the person know that you heard what he/she said.
  6. Don’t talk too much: Give answers what you have been asked. Don’t try to make it long. Because telling the interviewer more than he needs to know can be a big mistake.
  7. Stay calm: During interview session try to relax and stay calm as possible. Interview session may last long so don’t hurry.
  8. Be truthful: While personal interview, don’t try to manipulate interviewer. Your body language speaks about you as much as you can. So be confident while answering every question asked.
  9. Ask questions: If you have doubt regarding any question, or anything. Feel free to ask. But don’t ask too many questions as it is your interview not theirs.
  10. Follow up: After finishing interview don’t hurry as it is done. Say thanks to panel and leave room with a smile. Positivity must be there.

In interviews some questions are asked generally. We have listed some questions below with sample answers:

  1. Why do you want to join us (banking sector)?

Ans: Banking is one of the fastest growing sectors in India that provides career opportunities to thousands of graduates like me. Besides banking maintains excellent relations with its customers. Being a people’s person, I am good at it.

  1. What is a bank?

Ans: A bank is a financial intermediate which accepts money and lends money to its customers. Banking is the base of financial system of a country.

  1. Explain role of probationary officer in Bank?

Ans: A probationary officer in banks is the starting level appointment of officer level. At the start a PO has a probation period of two years in which he is asked to do any work related to bank like Loans and advances, Credit Rating, Risk management, IT etc. After two years PO is appointed as Assistant Manager in any branch of bank or may be appointed any staff duties like passing a cheque, draft issuance etc.

  1. What is the role of clerk in bank?

ANs:      In all banks, clerks are the first person to contact for any help or queries. The person at credit and deposit windows is mostly of clerical grade.

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These are some sample questions and answers to help you with interviews. Below we have listed some more questions that are frequently asked in Bank PO, SO, RRB and Clerk job interviews.

  1. Introduce yourself?
  2. Being a B.Tech. Graduate, why banking sector?
  3. What is your Father’s name and occupation?
  4. Tell me about your family background?
  5. If you don’t select as bankers what will do next?
  6. Tell me about education back ground?
  7. Tell me about your previous achievement?
  8. Tell me about banking?
  9. Why are you joining bank?
  10. Tell me about qualities one should possess to be bank officer?
  11. What about this organization tell me?
  12. Name of the Founder of this bank?
  13. Which year bank was nationalized?
  14. Name of the ideal person who inspired you most?
  15. Tell me reason we should select you?
  16. Do you have any plans for further education?
  17. Do you have any girlfriend? If not then why?
  18. What is your goal in life?
  19. Can you handle pressure in well?
  20. Name of the Governor of RBI?
  21. Tell me about over draft?
  22. Tell me difference between Credit card and Debit card?
  23. Tell me about “Green Channel”
  24. Can you tell me any idea to improve banking services?
  25. What is Plastics currency?
  26. Tell me about Account?
  27. Difference between TDR/STDR?
  28. What is Gift card?
  29. Full form of CBS?
  30. CORE Stand and explain in brief?
  31. Tell me about Fixed Deposit?
  32. Tell me about marketing?
  33. About NPA?
  34. What is difference between mobile banking and internet banking?
  35. Tell me about recently launched scheme in banking sector?
  36. What is IBPS?
  37. What are your strengths and weakness?
  38. What are your hobbies?
  39. What do you know about life insurance policies recently launched by Prime Minister?
  40. What do you mean by KYC?
  41. What are requisite documents to be produced for KYC?
  42. What is the role of RBI in Indian banking sector?
  43. What are RBI monetary policies?
  44. What is fiscal policy?
  45. Differentiate Repo Rate and Reverse Repo Rate?
  46. What is difference between NBFC and Bank?
  47. What is the difference between Cheque and demand draft?
  48. What is Bank Rate?
  49. What is SLR Rate?
  50. What is CRR Rate?
  51. What is Base Rate?
  52. What is Deposit Rate?
  53. What is GDP?
  54. What are treasury bills?
  55. What are commercial papers?
  56. What is inflation?
  57. What is deflation?
  58. What is Revenue deflict?
  59. What is NABARD?
  60. What is SEBI and what are it’s roles?
  61. What is private banking?
  62. What is e-Banking?
  63. What is ATM?
  64. What is white label ATM?
  65. What are input and output devices in Computer?

IBPS Current affairs question asked in Interview section:

After cleared written exam candidates will tense about IBPS exam interview question and answer and how to start preparation for IBPS exam interview section. In above we have to discuss about some interview question and answer manually asked in IBPS Clerk interview round as well as IBPS PO exam interview section and now we are telling about IBPS current affairs question also asked in IBPS  exam interview round. So those students who are cleared IBPS exam Written exam must read daily read newspaper, Daily check Current affairs, Famous Personality, banking awareness, banking News, Capital and Currency, Union Budget and current event happened in all over world.

  1. Any latest banking news recently happened in banking sector
  2. Surely one question about bank you have account
  3. Candidates can purchase” patrika year book 2015” and “The Hindu event 2015” for latest event happened in all over world
  4. Read daily “Economics Times and Business Time” for news about economics and RBI.

Interview question & answer for IBPS exam steps to cleared IBPS exam interview:

When IBPS Organization has been released IBPS exam score card and IBPS Exam interview call letter. Candidates can download IBPS Exam Interview call letter and must carry document mentioned in below in time of interview.

  • IBPS Application form print
  • Must carry copy of IBPS clerk Interview call letter
  • Candidates must carry Curriculum Viate and all necessary document like education qualification degree, 10th, 12th class mark sheet and Domical certificate.
  • Now read daily magazine, read newspaper, banking awareness question, banking news of last 6 month, and sit properly in front of Interviewer and focus on interview forgot everything else.

These are some questions frequently asked in IBPS interviews. For the preparation of IBPS interviews there are some books you can try. Some are listed below:

Book Author Publication
Bank Interviews for IBPS RPH Editorial Board R Publication
Guide to bank Interviews M. Shivaramakrishnan
Interview Cracker Neelam Soni Student Aid Publications
How to succeed in bank interview  by kiran prakashan Kiran Publication
Baking Interviews: IBPS PO/Clerk Gatuam Majudmar
Crack Description/Personal Interview/banking Awareness Varuan Sexana
A to Z About interviews M.B. Sivaramakrishnan’s
IBPS bank exam tips and tricks Shankar MBA

Common Mistake in Interview examination:

A huge number s of students will participate in IBPS exam interview round but A few students shall select in Interview round. Here raise question, Why have select a few students in Interview round? As you know that a lac number of students have participated in IBPS Clerk, IBPS PO and SO exam in every year but a few numbers of students select as clerk, PO and SO post, there are many students failed in Interview by silly mistake. In below check some mistake to you does in Interview round.

  • Don’t have to proper knowledge about baking sector examiner surely asked baking knowledge question so prepare for it
  • No update about Current affairs, Current events and other so guys here advised to read daily newspaper and up to date.
  • Being no update about basic General knowledge about baking sector
  • Some students don’t know about how to explain about yourself
  • In the time of Interview nervous so can’t speak properly, Low sound, don’t answer properly so forgot everything candidates don’t feel nervous speaks properly if don’t know about any question speak clearly I don’t about Sir.
  • Don’t Proper Dress Code like Shoes and Tie not match so advised to go to proper Dress code and don’t late.

For other news on interview guide, follow our blog.

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