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Banking Quiz and Answer

1.What is a Repo Rate?

(a).It is rate at which RBI sell government securities to bank

(b).It is rate at which bank borrow rupess from RBI

(c).It is rate at which RBI allows small loan in the Market

(d).None of these

Answer (b)

2.which of the following Public Sector Bank has the largest number of  branch branches in the foreign countries?

(a).Bank of Baroda

(b).Bank of India

(c).Punjab National Bank

(d). None of these

answer (a)

3.Which of the following cannot  be called as a Debt Instrument referred in Financial transactions?

(a).Certificate of deposit




Answer (c)

4.Which of the following banks was inaugurated by mahatma Gandhi in 1919?

(a).bank of maharashtra

(b).Bank of baroda

(c).Union Bank of India

(d).None of these

5.The maximum amount of the total Revenue earned By the government of India comes from?

(a).Income tax

(b).customs Duty

(c).Excise Duty

(d).Value added Tax


6.Which was the first Indian Bank to introduce credit card?

(a). state bank of india

(b). Punjab national bank

(c).Central Bank of India

(d.Union Bank of India


7.After state bank of India ,Which of the following bank has largest number of office?

(a).Punjab national bank

(b).Union Bank of india

(c).Canara Bank

(d).United bank of India


8.Which of the Following term used in banking field?

(a).Interest rate swap

(b).Input Device

(c).Zero hour



9. FDI Refers to…?

(a).Fixed deposit Interest

(b).Fixed deposit investment

(c).Foreign Direct investment

(d).Future Development Investment


10.Expand the EMI as used in banking/ finance sector?

(a). Easy monthly installment

(b).Equal monthly investment

(c).Equated monthly instalment

(d).None of these



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